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Jason's chairs were designed to be used in the booth that his company “Land and Stone” will have set up at a home and garden show in Chicago. The pattern of the blocks on the seat is the same pattern used in laying stone.
Lawn Chair 1b – This angle shows just how long the back legs are.
Lawn Chair 1a– This is the first draft of my convertible lawn chair. I designed this chair to have sleek long-lines so that it would stand out from other lawn chairs.
Lawn Chair 2a – This is draft two of the convertible lawn chair. It can be used as a lawn chair or a lounge chair.
Lawn Chair 2b – The seat back can be taken out from the lawn chair position and placed in the lounge chair position.
Lawn Chair 2c - When you move the seat back from the lawn chair position to the lounge chair position there is a space left in the seat slates that is filled with a slat and spacer piece.
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